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Machine Vision System integration

The quality control of Factory Automation and the R&D demand more efficiency and higher quality for machine vision today. JFAS offers the solution of our reliable and ultra high-speed system that will fulfill such demand. We provide customized machine vision system with optical lenses, frame grabbers, processors, and software.
Machine Vision System integration
JFAS Machine Vision System integration
♦ Ultra high-speed inspection system

Our machine vision system with special ASIC and FPGA enables ultra high-speed inspection of parts (such as connectors), BGA, lead frames, and semi-conductor chips. For example, we have provided outstanding inspection system that is able to inspect 16,000 parts per minute.
♦ Dual High-Processing System

JFAS provides ultra high-precision inspection such as sub-micron measuring and detection of defects by high-resolution cameras.
♦ Dual processing system

With FPGA/DSP, the ultra high-speed inspection at 200-Mbyte/sec, the detection of false defects, ranking defects and feedback increase the productivity.
Dual processing system
♦ Machine Vision Principle recodes
*Due to Non Disclosure Agreement with our costumers, details are withheld.

The vision system for the inside of aluminum can
The vision system for the bolt
The vision system for the tablet
The vision system for the case of CD
The measuring machine for 3D of the metallic mold
The measuring machine for read frame of IC
The precision measuring machine for the like calipers
For the glass welding vacuum Electric Furnace
Sputter deposition equipment (the like mechanical design of Vacuum equipment)
For the hard disk(Winchester Head)
Adjustment machine for gap(micron adjustment machine)
For the Wafer Special lighting system for vision system
For the Crystal Oscillator Module Inspection for the blank pin transformed
Inspection for a metallic mold of glass
For the laser diode The measuring equipment for the junction temperature
Ultra high speed inspection system for the pulse examination
For the Ga-As FET
The measuring equipment for the channel temperature
Luminous element The measuring equipment for Color tone
MOCVD system Control system
Integrated Management system
Diffusion light source and kind of light source
Automobile The vision system for the inside of cylinder
Vision system for engine ,cylinder ,block
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