JFAS The innovator of ultra high-speed image processing and video communication system Japan F.A. Systems Corp.
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Japan F.A. Systems Corporation (JFAS) provides systems based on our expertise of ultra high-speed high-precision image processing and global business expansion.
-Industrial machine vision for various inspections such as automobile inspection, semi-conductor inspection, and drug inspection
-Video communication for large-scale videoconference, telemedicine, telelearning, and telesurveillance system

Machine Vision System integration
♦ Machine Vision System integration
· Ultra high-speed inspection System integration
· Ultra high-precision inspection System integration
· Dual processing system
· Color processing system
· Machine Vision Principle recodes
PDP Ultra high-speed inspection system
The vision system for the inside of aluminum can
· Machine Vision Products
Lighting equipment
Frame Grabbers
Vision Processors
Complete Vision System
Software Vision Processors
2-D Barcode Readers
Special Optics
Video Communication System  integration
♦ Video Communication System integration
· Video conference system
· Telelearning system
· Telemedicine/Telecare System
· Telesurveillance system

Principle records
Large-scale Video conference system
Multiple-point videoconference system over IP
Telebanking system
Multi-point videoconference system for public agencies
Medicare system
Telelearning system for a language school
· Video Communication Products
Video communication board
Complete Video conference unit
Multi point conference unit
Video transmitter
Remote surveillance Software
Dynamic Monitoring

  ♦ Dynamic Monitoring System integration

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